Our mission is to develop innovative anti-ageing skincare products that promote in-depth improvement and beauty of the skin.
We propose complete solutions, supported by scientific research and all our products are strictly tested according to the most stringent Swiss and EU standards.

Nature and technology
We use only the best.

We believe in the benefits of Nature combined with technological innovation and the effectiveness of our treatments is the offshoot of synergy between these two worlds. We select the best active principles, formulating these in exclusive complexes to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of our products.


Xylage® and Mioloxyl®, two exclusive complexes, the offshoot of Dermafutura research dedicated to care of your skin with visible results already from the first applications.


Xylage® Complex contains a mix of functional ingredients able to stimulate intercellular communication to repair damage caused by ageing. Its wrinkle-reducing properties have been tested ** according to the most stringent standards, with surprising results.

  • Up to 98%* reduction in deep wrinkles
  • Up to 86%* reduction in finer wrinkles
  • Up to 36%* reduction in the volume of wrinkles
  • Up to 27%* reduction in depth of wrinkles
(*) Data referred to functional ingredients (**) tested for two months on women between 42 and 66 with an application containing 2% of active principle


Mioloxyl® Complex is a liposome-based preparation containing particularly effective active principles for the treatment and prevention of expression lines. It is formulated with carnosine and powerful anti-oxidants that counteract glycation, a degenerative process that affects the structure and function of protein, causing loss of elasticity and premature ageing of the skin. The effectiveness of this complex has been tested with scientific trials on 20 women after 4 weeks of treatment.

  • 24%* reduction in forehead lines
  • 27%* reduction in wrinkles around the eyes
  • 19.5%* improvement in skin tone
(*) Data referred to functional ingredients

THE BENEFITS OF PLANTS: natural active principles

With scientific expertise, we select the most suitable plants to obtain the best natural active principles.
We then analyse and reinforce their action on the skin by combining different molecules in complete treatments of tested efficacy and effectiveness.

quality and safety
Paraben free

We are firmly and constantly committed to guaranteeing maximum levels of quality, safety and effectiveness of all our treatments and of all the ingredients used. Our products are paraben-free.