For a healthy mouth and a perfect smile, the cleaning of our teeth is a fundamental step.


Swiss Dental Care

By Dermafutura Swiss Dental Care is born: a revolutionary system that protects and sustains the mouth daily biological cycle. It consists of two toothpastes, specifically conceived for the different needs of the day and the night, and a toothbrush. Swiss Dental Care conserves and takes care of the teeth and gums during every moment of the day.

Products of the range
Dermafutura Day Toohtpaste offers an excellent daily hygiene, thanks to an effective, innovative formulation. Cod: 550 Unavaible: USA
Dermafutura Night toothpaste is a product specifically conceived to take care of your teeth during the night. Cod: 551 Unavaible: USA
The exclusive structure of the ultra-thin bristles provides a more accurate cleaning of the teeth and is also able to reach the... Cod: 552 Unavaible: USA